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"I knew that you have star power when I watched my first Lady J show."

- Meg Shelley – Heier via Facebook
"... I just watched the youtube..... out-freakin'-standing!..."

- Hounddog, former DJ KDHX 88.1 via Messenger
“Truly enjoyed your performance at the Bubba Sullivan Memorial Blues Jam at the King Biscuit Blues Festival. My first time seeing you and hearing you perform and photographing you.”

- Ruth Spicer, photographer via Facebook
“...Lady J Huston and her Jazz and Blues Supper Series was phenomenal…if you missed it, then you missed one hell of a time!”

- Mark Anthony Jones, Educational Consultant via Facebook
"Your energy is fantastic. Of course your abilities are amazing. Your beautiful personality makes you the Full Monty. Yes, we are your fans."

- Naomi Ackles via Facebook
"I love this video. I will happily watch any videos you and your friend produce. You two ladies had such a fun time. If I had been there, you would have needed to shush me from laughing too loudly." 

- Meg Shelley – Heier via Facebook
"If you haven't seen Lady J Huston's performance, you have really missed a treat. She is fantastic. I don't know where she gets that energy from..."
- Myrle Mensey, CEO via Facebook
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