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"Sometimes, the greatest entertainers are right in front of you but still remain out of sight... This is big-band blues at its best, and Lady J Huston definitely deserves her place in the spotlight. Pick up this one. You won’t be disappointed!"
- Marty Gunther, Senior Writer of Blues Blast magazine
“When Lady J whips out that trumpet and begins to blow you know the show has started. This multi-talented, multi-award-winning artist with ties back to Albert King brings an easy rapport, an outstanding band and a mix of Jazz, Blues & Classic Soul to the stage.”

- Bob Baugh, Big City Rhythm & Blues
“This is, simply put, an outstanding album in every respect. The musicians dramatically underline Huston’s commanding presence and keep her fierce vocals front and center while she storms through the set. Even the slower numbers are steamy enough to fog your soul. It took long enough for Lady J to cook up this special musical feast; I’m ready for a second helping.”

- Jim White, Blues Roadhouse
“Let's celebrate #WomenintheBlues! Thanks to @Spotify we have the perfect playlist to enjoy a little #BluestHome. What is a better way to celebrate than with a photo of a National Blues Museum regular and a woman in the Blues. Lady J Huston”

- National Blues Museum via Twitter
"Bless ya fer all that, m'dear! How would I get by and what would I play on air without outstanding local talent such as yours? | will be available to sit in for other programmers when such needs arise."

- Houndogg Brown, former DJ at KDHX 88.1 via Facebook
“...Lady J Huston and her Jazz and Blues Supper Series was phenomenal…if you missed it, then you missed one hell of a time!”

- Mark Anthony Jones, Educational Consultant via Facebook
"If you haven't seen Lady J Huston's performance, you have really missed a treat. She is fantastic. I don't know where she gets that energy from..."
- Myrle Mensey, Throwing and Growing Foundation (CEO) via Facebook
"I knew that you have star power when I watched my first Lady J show."

- Cyrus Wingate, Executive Producer for Lady J Huston
"The show last night(Friday) at Blue Strawberry was ABSOLUTELY WONDERFUL. the most fun I've had since the Lady J show that we went to last year!!! LADY J, and her backup band keep the action moving with the great music, rhythm, comedy, real showmanship.. We enjoyed celebrating my son's birthday there. no wonder Lady J has become the BIG HIT in St. Louis since she put down Vegas and came to the Lou. THANK YOU !! for all the FUN,   I will ALWAYS be your fan #1  from your age of 10 when I was your 4th grade teacher... (a wonderful student you were!) BEST, Mrs. I and family"

- Helen Imes, Pilgrim Congregational UCC via Facebook
"ma'am, it was a delight to get introduced to your artistry!... Loved your show, and can't wait to see you again!"

- Steve Costello
"Your concert was absolutely WONDERFUL, you made me so proud and I am not recklessly taking any credit for your incredible talent. that took you years to develop!! I just gently lit a spark and now you have turned it into a BURNING FIREBALL!! ! + JS SI My guest had a splendid afternoon. They were in town and needed the fun provided by your show. Kudos to your band especially Smotherson coming right in and doing a great job. Just keep on keepin' on P.S. the food was delicious, too..... Thanks, Lady J !! (my little 4th grade "Jocie")"

- Helen Imes, Pilgrim Congregational UCC via Facebook
"I am beyond ecstatic to have you open up our June Starlight series! This is very special to us since our June series was cancelled in 2020 and 2021! We are s000000 thankful to be back. I know you are going to put your mark in Heman Park on June 6th!"

- Carol Jackson via Facebook
"it was great meeting you too Queen! I really enjoyed myself tonite the music was awesome thanks"

- Shea Morris via Facebook
"I have told everybody about you Lady J!! Was a pleasure playing with you!"

- Eddie Martin via Facebook
"Thanks for the amazing music .. normally I don't dance, but I enjoyed your set so much I made my old man dance with me several times"

- April Watkins via Facebook
"An amazing composer, awesome musicians and an exceptional recording studio! Looking forward to hearing it!"

- Leonardo Bec Berton via Facebook
"You were amazing! It was soooo nice Saturday evening. We are travel nurses out here from Louisiana and we truly enjoyed the performance."

- Apryll H Guillory via Facebook
"You set the perfect example of how any artist should perform on stage no matter where they are or how many people are in attendance, You Perform with passion, enthusiasm and It Looks and feels like You Love what You do."

- Greg Dickson via Facebook
"I watched ur show and u are gifted... my daughters bd was fri...happy birthday...a was a pleasure to"

- Carolline Kinamore via Facebook
"Such a pleasure meeting her!! I've been to several of her shows and they are phenomenal!! Love her!!"

- Tracy Lady Barnes Banks via Facebook
"I have really enjoyed listening to your music and journeying through your sound. Im very excited for you and this record. You're a legend and a star!"

-  Ryan Marquez
"... I just watched the youtube..... out-freakin'-standing!..."

- Hounddog, former DJ KDHX 88.1 via Messenger
“Truly enjoyed your performance at the Bubba Sullivan Memorial Blues Jam at the King Biscuit Blues Festival. My first time seeing you and hearing you perform and photographing you.”

- Ruth Spicer, photographer via Facebook
"Your energy is fantastic. Of course your abilities are amazing. Your beautiful personality makes you the Full Monty. Yes, we are your fans."

- Naomi Ackles via Facebook
"I love this video. I will happily watch any videos you and your friend produce. You two ladies had such a fun time. If I had been there, you would have needed to shush me from laughing too loudly." 

- Meg Shelley–Heier via Facebook
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April Watkins
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