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Loyce Huston

Miss this one & only person I talked to every single day (now only thru Spirit). She was my rock & I was hers in the end. Love my momma Loyce Huston. My new #GrooveMeBaby Album is dedicated to her in the liner notes. I recorded a song she wrote that would rock the house whenever she performed it with her deep, contralto voice, & re-did the St. Louis hit she had when I was an infant; "500 Pounds Good Gizzay" & "I Want a Man Like That" respectively.

Photo: I was in the hospital in Las Vegas in which the prognosis was not much time left for me. I was so happy mom came, she let me sit on her lap. R.I.H. 09-17-17 Her repass was a full fledged concert --- Lady J Huston

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