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#1 in a Week!

Celebrating another fabulous milestone! Would've never guessed all of this from leaving Las Vegas & coming to St. Louis. The "Groove Me Baby Album" has risen to #1 in 1 week on the #1 independent music chart in the world "The Roots Music Report" before its May 19 release date. I'm seeking a good manager in the business of the Blues. My cup is about to runneth over, so many new ventures to pursue right now.

I do hope you all will get your copy of this CD. The music as well as the 8-page booklet with stories, photos, and credits to all the people who contributed are beautifully captured. This is not available thru streaming, get the real deal.

I want to thank all of the radio stations, programmers and DJs, that have selected my music to share with your audiences. The response has been so heartwarming. I do hope to meet you all in person one day, sooner than later. --- Lady J Huston

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